Why you should stop chasing women

Pursuing women and getting rejected undeniably gets disheartening even if we try to convince ourselves that we are okay. You have so much love to give, but only so little willing to accept it. So, why bother? 

Portrait of a sexy redhead girl.

It is best that you stop, or pause, on chasing women to build better relationships. You don’t have to resort to Detroit escorts when you feel like there is no hope. Pausing on the chasing game gives you a perspective of what went wrong and how you can work on being better. It is difficult to stop doing something you are used to, but everyone starts somewhere. So here are some reasons why you should stop chasing women and focus on yourself instead.

Know the difference between pursuing and chasing

Before you even start making a move, know first the difference between pursuing and chasing. Chasing a woman reeks of desperation. To keep you in perspective, imagine a dog chasing a car. How does it turn out? Usually, it ends up in failure to catch up with the car. Same goes for chasing a woman. It feels like you are trying too hard to get a woman’s attention when in reality, you should just let them react how they want to react. You make it seem that bagging the girl is the only goal. And when you get rejected, it feels like it is the end of the world.

Meanwhile, pursuing does not feel desperate. You pursue getting a degree. There is a sense of methodicalness in pursuing something. It is not hurried, but rather worked up for with consistency. This is where you are willing to know more about the woman and accept whatever they decide on to do with you.

It takes a hit on your self-esteem

If you keep on chasing someone, it feels like every person the woman interacts with is a competition. It affects how you view yourself and just feeds your mind many negative thoughts. Both about you and the people around you. Even though you know for yourself that you should focus on yourself, you can’t stop thinking that they are better than you and you are not at par with them. On the other side of the coin, you think so highly of yourself that you feel like everyone is obsessed with you. It’s like thinking that an escort you once had a night with will instantly like you, when that is not the case. 

Once you know your self-worth, everything that used to affect you will not matter anymore. And if it will, it won’t impact your confidence at all.

All in all

Chasing women may not be literally tiring physically, but is emotionally and mentally draining. Once it officially takes a hit on your ego, it affects how you interact with women. But when you know your worth and know the difference between pursuing and chasing, you can definitely get back up to your feet and dip in again in the dating scene. Say goodbye to awkward interactions, self-doubt, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Stop with the chasing and go build something meaningful with people who are worth it.