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The Breakroom Stories

Those who dare to enter the formless, hallucinatory void of The Breakroom Stories' archives will test the limits of their senses, careening wildly along the jagged boundary of the real and unreal, descending into the ceasless echo of the past.
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About us

The Breakroom Stories

The Breakroom Stories is an audio journal that specializes in strange fiction. We want to be a publication that evokes the eerie familiarity we all feel with the region between wakefulness and dream. We want to be a forum for odd or untraditional voices. We want to be a home for stories that make their readers shiver and shake. To paraphrase David Foster Wallace, we want to be a source of fiction that comforts the disturbed, and that disturbs the comfortable.

Submission Instructions

The Breakroom Stories

We publish stories twice a month, and we pay $10 per accepted piece.

Send all work as .doc, .docx, or .rtf attachments via our Submittable page

Before submitting, please click HERE for an explanation of our submission process, and a more detailed description of the kind of work we're seeking.